Nord VPN review


Actually, the best thing that we enjoy about them is their commitment towards user anonymity, which we’ll discuss in detail in this simple NordVPN review.

Setup & Setup

Until lately, NordVPN ( just offered the manual VPN configuration set up alternative, which was a huge hassle for VPN subscribers. NordVPN has addressed this problem by bringing forward an innovative and incredibly user friendly VPN applications.

The VPN applications continues to be in beta stage, so expect some glitches, nevertheless, the access to a committed terminal has helped NordVPN integrate some essential VPN attributes such as a VPN kill switch and the skill to alter servers or IP addresses within the interface. We were impressed with the VPN terminal, and we’d like NordVPN to care for the glitches that were present, all the while designing committed terminals for Linux, Mac, iOS and Android operating systems.
Does offer manual VPN setup support for Linux, Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android operating systems over L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols. For setting up a VPN connection that was manual, NordVPN has designed a comprehensive and user friendly tutorial database for users to follow step-step procedures for connecting to a VPN server.
When it comes to security and on-line anonymity, NordVPN offers Tor and a double VPN through VPN alternative. This is in addition to the SSL established 2048 bit encryption. In our perspective, this type of encryption is much more complex than routine military standard encryption, and almost fail-proof. NordVPN is just the greatest anonymous and protected VPN service provider in the marketplace when we take into account the guarantee of a VPN kill switch.

Subscription Price

Honestly speaking, we’re somewhat bewildered at the cost of subscription. It’s definitely in a higher price bracket, although that’s not what one would like to call affordable. There are reductions for the bulk subscription bundles. A 3 months bundle and the yearly bundle will cost you and $66, respectively. It makes sense to choose the yearly bundle, as at that cost, NordVPN definitely makes lots of sense, particularly for those trying to find the anonymous and most safe VPN.
Sadly, you can not anticipate any money-back guarantee or any trial period, unless you request, in which case, you’ll be permitted a free 3 days trial.


Speed, Bandwidth & Reliability

We did not anticipate anything, although we were met with the speeds on offer. NordVPN additionally supports P2P traffic, and because of the quantity of bandwidth needed for significant users, it’s hard to anticipate almost any high speed VPN service. On the other hand, if you’re only trying to find safe, encrypted and really anonymous internet browsing, NordVPN is a great option.
When it comes to dependability, we did not confront any big problems as such.

It’s possible for you to enjoy bandwidth and infinite speed; so, NordVPN is an ideal option for heavy web users with big data use demands. Nevertheless, due to a comparatively low variety of servers and the consequences of significant use, we’re worried about the speed, and we expect the speed does not fall below the present amounts, which will certainly spell doom for the business.

Servers & Server Places

NordVPN had problems before where servers were offered by them just in Netherlands and Germany. NordVPN has learned from this error and now offers servers in 16 different states, with another 8 states in the pipeline, although that was exceptionally restrictive for customers. NordVPN plans to add additional places to the present server network, including multiple places in UK, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Turkey, China, Japan and the US and Australia.
The extensive network of server places and servers is effective at competing against the top firms when it comes to market share, and has elevated NordVPN to a mainstream VPN service provider standing. Improvement of UK and US servers has also helped NordVPN to cater to customers who need VPN services for unblocking geo-blocked amusement services like BBC, Hulu and Netflix iPlayer. Streaming may be a little bit of an issue in this respect, but we wouldn’t whine.

Data Logging On-Line Anonymity & Policies

Perhaps, we can warrant their cost on this feature. Offering VPN services that are fully anonymous, NordVPN works on all their servers from RAM; so, it’s not possible to log or store any user’s browsing information. Additionally, as a result of their 2048 bit encryption tunnel over SSL, VPN attributes that are double and an alternative of using Tor over VPN, users can anticipate high levels of data encryption.
Because of the lack of any data logging techniques NordVPN workers are not able to ascertain the activities taken by their users through their servers. NordVPN amuse or additionally does not support any takedown notices from organizations or third party agencies such as DMCA. There isn’t any information to be recovered, so, although in the event of any court order, NordVPN ( will honor, user anonymity is ensured.

Customer Support

NordVPN does offer exceptional customer support through live chat, their e-mail and direct telephone platforms. The live chat function isn’t available 24X7, however you can expect fast answers by contacting them on telephone or by submitting an e-mail ticket.

Dilemmas & Difficulties

It should just be the speed problem, if there are any important problems at NordVPN. Encryption and the related online security aspect is excellent, but NordVPN should offer the choice of a smartDNS choice, that enables users to enjoy seamless browsing speed for smooth and streaming downloads.

Review Decision

NordVPN is a business to be reckoned with. With innovative security and fail-proof encryption measures, user anonymity that is entire and no-info logs coverage, NordVPN is definitely on top of the list. The cost of subscription may be a bit on the upside, yet, when we contemplate the reductions available for servers on offer, the attributes, and bulk subscription, NordVPN definitely makes sense.